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Review-Yesterday I Cried: Celebrating The Lessons Of Living And Loving

Yesterday I Cried: The Lessons of Living and Loving

What are the lessons that we learn when we experience hurt, abuse and neglect?

What are the lessons that we learn when we end up losing someone who is very close to us?

job18What exactly is the lesson, that the difficult times which we experience in the course of our existence teach us?

Iyanla Vanzant is a renowned author who has led both a difficult as well as quite an amazing life.
Such a life has contributed to the unmasking of the wisdom which she possesses and also the wonderful gifts that she is known to have. In this particular book of hers, the author talks about how the difficulties that we face while leading our regular lives is something that we can re interpret or revision in order to come to terms with them and use them to avoid making mistakes in the future.

The author talks about her personal experiences in this book. She tells us how we can go ahead and actually heal from our difficult life experiences rather than suffering in silence as a result of them. The book is therefore extremely inspirational in tone and is one of the best productions of our modern times.

Iyanla Vanzant has led a life that has been one which is really full of neglect. However instead of allowing the abuse and the neglect that she experienced to set her back she has faced them with a brave herself and has actually carried out her healing process by talking about these and showing other people about how they too can do the same thing. The life that she has led is one that can be perceived as quite disastrous but she is no ordinary woman and has overcome all odds.

Her aim through this book is to show people that they cannot allow themselves to be submerged or defeated by the challenges which they are faced with. Rather they should use these very challenges to provide them with the impetus that they need in order to be able to heal quickly as well as easily and without any scar remaining in the mind or in the body.

Any person who watches the Oprah show on a regular basis will know that Iyanla is quite a charming person. She has a no nonsense aspect to her personality which translates very well into words or rather in print, and makes her book one that is very interesting to read. Her style is what influences her customers to buy her book and read what she has to say about the experiences that she encountered in her life and how these very experiences can actually be used in a healing process.

About the Author

Iyanla Vanzant has managed to set up quite a large fan base as a result of sharing her life’s experiences. She is once quite an overweight and neglected child who was abused sexually time and again and who often had to change her home more than once in her childhood.

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