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Review-No Plastic Sleeves: The Complete Portfolio Guide for Photographers and Designers

Portfolios can decide your future in the job market

Are you looking for a job? You have been moving to and fro from one interview to another, but without much success. Have you ever given it a thought as to why this is happening? Is it because you do not deserve the job or because you cannot present yourself properly? You are not being able to put forward your ideas and show your worth in a noticeable manner. The problem might be in your portfolio. You need to reassess your portfolio at once, and now there is some valuable guidance on offer.

job11It is all in the way you present yourself. Your portfolio represents what you are and what you are capable of doing. It tells your story. The cover letter that you present, your business card, all these things will build your first impression. These things, thus, require a lot of attention. To design these things, you will require some guidelines to follow. Furthermore, a website or online portfolio will boost your impression to even higher levels.

The basic ideas required to keep in mind while designing a portfolio book are

  • It should be about you, and should establish your identity
  • It should be presentable, decorative but not over-decorated, should be colorful yet mature in presentation. The presentation matters
  • The information should be concise and comprehensive. It should not be flattery, but should boost your image. It should mark your presence
  • The contact details should be persistent. They should know exactly how to contact you
  • Everything should be in big fonts. There should be no ambiguity or vagueness in the descriptions.
  • The descriptions should be precise

There are many helping hands available for this purpose. They will guide you in all the above mentioned matters. The better portfolio book you can make the better possibilities of your success. There will be other points discussed that will not only make your portfolio better but will also have an impact on the way you see yourself. The useful information on offer is irreplaceable when constructing the foundation of a strong future.

The guidance you will get will:

  • Teach you the finesse behind producing an appealing portfolio
  • Teach you how to include all the individual related aspects in a single cover
  • Will evaluate your thinking and will modify your outlook of your own image

You must be thinking by now that what makes a good portfolio. There are quite a few attributes of a truly interesting portfolio.

  • The whole package should be present. All the contributing aspects, website, cover letter, the resume, everything must be present. Everything that is related and promotes your image should be included in the portfolio.
  • There should not be any unrelated documents included in the portfolio. This can disturb the balance of the whole thing. The content should be consistent, iterating the same point to magnify the effect.
  • You should state your work. The best of your work should be represented in your portfolio. This presents your expertise in the field and your ideas, your method of execution, etc. The viewer of portfolio should be able to develop an idea of your working process through your portfolio.
  • Everything cannot be judged from your efforts in the past. So try to include new innovative ideas. The portfolio must show your unique talent, your skills and the experience that you have gained from your previous work.
  • Bring something new to the table. You should have some trait by which you can be differentiated from the crowd. A new concept, a new idea will work a long way in building your image as a capable professional.
  • You should include some traits in your portfolio book so that everyone will be attracted. Describe the driving force behind your initiative. Describe your passion for the job you are interested in.
  • The website should be well managed and updated regularly. In the modern era, where there is an ever growing craze about the online world, people are more likely to check your online portfolio than ever before.
  • An image is worth a thousand words. Include relevant images to make your portfolio more distinct, more appealing. Images will add variety and uniqueness to your portfolio, and will boost your chance of succeeding.
  • Market your portfolio. Only if you market your portfolio properly, then only your work will be achieved. If people will notice your existence, then you will have a chance to succeed.
  • Be professional in developing of your portfolio. The ideas should be well executed, the strategies should be well explained, and your identity should be well represented. You should aim for excellence and perfection should be your motto. A lot depends on the portfolio you present.

A huge number of people were inspired by this work. There were many books published to this effect and all the readers have greatly benefited from it. You should pay attention to smaller details as the small things are an important part of the big picture. Your potential will be judged by viewing your portfolio.

These books have received great reviews from critics all over the world. The book enlightens novices and strugglers about the competitive job market. The competition in the job world has discouraged many strugglers from coming into the field. In such situations, the books that have been published will help these strugglers gain back their confidence and come back to these fields.

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