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It can be an intimidating task looking for legitimate jobs that involve working at home. There is a strong possibility of being swindled, and a large number of ‘job opportunities’ are not what they seem to be.

So, before you waste your time and energy seeking such openings, ponder over the following:

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  • Recognize you own work qualities: Make a note of the talents and abilities that you possess. For example, if a company is looking for personnel to work from their own homes in work where the employee has to deal with customer care, then your voice will play a key role in the job: you must have a smooth, agreeable, and lucid phone voice.
  • Be sure about what you are seeking: What are your interests? What are your financial requirements? What do you visualize a good home job to be? Make a list of the jobs you are searching and keep the above in mind.
  • Have reasonable expectations. A full-time job will obviously give you more income than a home job. Remember, it may take a long, long time before legitimate work from home takes you to the salary level of a 9am-5pm office job.
  • Your child still needs to be looked after: Doing work in the comfort of your home – and taking care of your child at the same time – could be very challenging. You may discover that you require hiring baby-sitters for some part of the day to ease your working conditions.
  • Be candid about your resources: If the home job you’ve signed up for needs a faster computer than the one you have; or if it requires a tranquil home atmosphere all the time (and you have kids!), then think twice about your new job.
  • Avoid long, unpaid instructions. Give a miss to job openings that will require more training for you and which will take up lots of time and is unpaid.
  • Don’t sign up for jobs in which you are asked to pay some money: Any lawful jobthat invloves working from your home will not seek any cash from you before you commence work – either for processing your application or for training. If you are asked to pay money upfront — either for training or application processing, it’s an indication that something’s fishy and that there’s a scam somewhere!

Getting a job where you work from your own home can be a dream come true. You don’t have to commute to and fro in heavy traffic; you have the choice of making your own schedule — and get rid of the pressure of hiring child care for your kids.

Today there are a variety of jobs from home available. It’s possible for a diligent single parent to earn decent money from home. Here are some lawful home careers, and the pros and cons that go with them:

1. Jobs at Call Centers

  • Search for call center jobs you can do from home if you have some customer care experience. Take a reality check about doing the job when your kids are around you. Realistically, you’ll need a separate room for your can work, and someone to instruct the children about the rules for communicating with you while you’re on the job.

2. Home Based Business

  • If you’re seeking extra income, with part-time additional employment, think of starting a business at home which you can run you can operate in conjunction with your kids, like baby-sitting or pet-sitting.

3. Computer Programmer

  • You may think about a computer programming from home, if you have some training and experience in the job. You can freelance by naming your fee and working hours, or work for a company.

4. Freelance Writer

  • Blogging, writing online content, magazine articles and books, there are lots of home job opportunities for skilled writers/editors.

5. IT Pros

  • Internet Technology professionals are in demand for their specialized skills You can answer queries on the phone and help users solve computer problems. Experienced IT pros will also have to check out if they cope with work over the phone — without disruptions from the children.

6. Medical Transcriptionists

  • An experienced medical transcriptionist can work from home for a doctor or a medical institution.

7. Nursing Jobs

  • There are several job opportunities for a Registered Nurse. If you qualify, you can get get lawful work from home opportunities with health care companies.

8. Re-seller

  • Another means to earn money from a home job is re-selling. You can keep a catalog of goods that you supply every day or let the supplier do this work as orders are placed.

9. Tutoring

  • Have a look at work from home in the tutoring and teaching sector, if you have a decent cademic background. You may want to work for a company that already exists or start your own business.

10. Virtual Assistants

  • You can do the same work that office assistants do — typing, transcribing, data entry, and so on – from home. This is the perfect work-from-home chance for single parents. You need an internet connection at home and the willingness to be diligent in your job so that you create a good reputation and retain your clients for a long time.

11. Website Designer

  • You can build a flourishing home-based business in a very short time if you’re a skilled website designer and you have the right tools in hand. In this age of high technology and the advances made continuously in computer skills, a web designer has become a much-sought-after person.

To explore opportunities for all the above jobs, you must track places/books/websites/ newspapers and other places which tell you more about the home jobs that are available. If you already have an office but still have time to spare, then you can grab an opportunity to earn extra bucks!

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