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How to Make Money from YouTube?

Tips Make Money From Youtube

Often it makes your head spin when you learn that some guy by making stupid YouTube video has earned thousands of dollars. Well not only this there are tens and thousands of such guys making silly or stupid YouTube videos getting thousands of hits in a day and making lots of bucks out of that YouTube video.

Well, it is but obvious to think of certain aspects when they are earning so much through videos you also can do the same. For getting started, you really want to understand the first basic principle of how to make money from YouTube videos.

You don’t have to be a professional filmmaker to create your video even a novice or an amateur can create interesting video with vivid imagination. All that counts when you want to make money via YouTube videos is creation of good video that ranks well in search results.

Money from YouTube – Tip 1

One of the best way to start is to focus the domestic audiences at first and when you generate lot of local fan base then you can think of moving to national level. Usually you are always aware of the local keywords and by creating, a video revolving around these keywords will automatically place you in better page rankings for domestic market.

Money from YouTube – Tip 2

Another simple way is to start making viral videos for local businesses. You can chose any kind of business and beautify it using various free editing tools on internet. You can include photographs, create slideshows, add music, footnotes, banners, graphics etc. Whenever you are uploading any video do not forget to mention your name, address, website URL and phone number at the start or end of the video.

When you are done with all these procedures, you can upload it to YouTube and further write something about your creation targeting the keyword you have chosen for your video and submit those articles in different directories by placing anchor text and back links directing it to your YouTube video.


When you have uploaded your YouTube, video and you have placed back links for that video chances are high that you rank fairly well in search results. This will automatically increase hits to your video and as you have advertised yourself be prepared to receive calls from similar businesses to create similar advertising videos for their businesses.

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