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How to Make Money as a Mystery Shopper?

mystery shopper

Are you interested to getting paid while you shop? This could be very true if you are open to joining the growing groups of persons who wish to go undercover for pollste rs, regulators, and retailers or any others who wish to find out more about the mind of the customers.

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The payment for such activities could range anything between GPB 20 to 100 a day as a “mystery shopper”. It could be anything ranging from eating at a new restaurant to staying in a hotel or having a free pizza delivered to your home. You could also try some free food and drink in a supermarket if you wish to “test” such food items.

To get started, it would require you to have yourself registered with a number of mystery shopping sites. You could use search engines like Google to identify reputed and honest mystery shopping sites.

While it is not necessary to accept all jobs that come your way, as a beginner it would be advisable to do so. Such flexibility will allow you to get noticed and grow over a period of time.

You would be asked to gauge a product or service on various parameters such as tidiness or décor, quality of service, ease of identifying specific products or services and so on. In most cases the companies would like your feedback as soon as possible and it usually is limited to 24 hours. So, you may be required to set some time apart for such form filling activity.

Many of the mystery shopping agencies specialize in particular areas. There are many such agencies which specialize in petrol stations, while there are others which are more competent with shopping centers. There are some agencies which even offer up to GBP 100 for a day’s work.

Though it may not be very easy to find out an accurate average, you can expect to earn anything between GPB 5 to 20 and as a bonus you also get paid for food and drink too. You should however be careful when doing such mystery shopping activities for nightclubs because many people have burnt their fingers. You could also come across many agencies that pay you for drinking a brand of alcoholic beverage.

There are many mystery shopping professionals who make decent extra income for more than 7 to 10 years at a stretch. There are people who have been to various pubs and restaurants just to taste alcoholic beverages. On the other end of the spectrum you could also be given the job of standing in a railway station and gather information about trains that are late in arriving and departing.


At the end of the day, if you are able to choose the right company, product or service, you could aspire to earn anything between GBP 250 to 300 for a particular assignment which may run for a few days. There is no contractual obligation between you and the service providers.

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