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Book Review- Write It Down, Make It Happen: Knowing What You Want And Getting It

job9If you care enough about the goals that you have in mind in order to be able to write them down that is, put pen to paper then wonderful things are certain to happen to you.

Make it Happen is a book that contains some amazing inspirational tips from a man who wished to become an opera artist by profession and a woman who engaged in a tireless search for a nursing home for her mother who was suffering from the dreadful disease of Alzheimer’s which causes complete memory loss for people who are old in age especially over eighty years of age.

Description of the Book

Henrietta Klauser who is the author of the book, tells you in her work how you can actually go ahead and script your own life without any difficulty at all. She tells you that your goals are something that you can achieve without much trouble if you write them down and become methodical in your task of achieving them.

It is not like a regular to do list. When you write down your goals you are able to identify them a whole lot more clearly than usual. Your intentions become very clear when you write down your goal. How much you write is not what matters. You can write down a tiny bit on a scrap of paper.

You can also go ahead and provide a full length description of your goals on paper. Once you have written down your goals on paper you will find that the task of achieving these goals has become a whole lot easier. Other aspects like fame, money and ambition are those on which the rest of the world can cooperate with you but you need to be clear about what you wish to achieve and how soon you wish to achieve it.


Transform your dreams into the Truth by Taking Charge

The book is one in which the authoress aims to instill in you the importance of putting your ambitions down in words so that it becomes easier for you to go ahead with the achievement of the goals. The book is filled with real life experiences of people who started out small and then ended up achieving a lot more than what they had imagined at the outset.

All of this happened because of their willingness and initiative to write about what they wished to achieve in paper. You can certainly understand the value of presenting your goals on paper when you read this book. The importance of writing down aims and career plans on paper can actually make you successful in your desires and help you to reach where you want to reach.

About the Author

Henrietta Klauser is a writer who lives in the American city of Washington in the area of Edmonds. She leads work shops and also makes presentations on a number of topics, such as writing, relationship building, goal setting etc. She is the mother of as many as four children.

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