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Book Review-Professional Practice for Interior Designers

job14Professional Practice for Interior Designers has remained the leading choice for educators for teaching interior design business practice as well as for professionals seeking to advance in their own practices since publication of the First Edition in 1990,.


This ASID/Polsky Prize winner is recommended by the NCIDQ for exam preparation and covers the gamut of legal, financial, management, marketing, administrative, and ethical issues. You gain all the essential skills needed for planning and maintaining a thriving interior design business, presented in the clear, easy-to-follow style that is the hallmark of this text.

This Fourth Edition is completely current with the latest business practices and features a host of new practice aids:

  • Great new examples help you manage the latest challenges and implement the latest business practices
  • Companion CD-ROM includes a trial version of professional practice software, business forms, numerous short articles, plus additional information and resources
  • Totally new chapter devoted to strategic planning explains this important business concept in easy-to-understand language for students and professionals
  • Some good and brief “what would you do” case studies in each chapter challenge you to respond to ethical issues faced by today’s interior designers.

According to Christine Piotrowski without a complete working knowledge of effective business practices, there’s little chance for survival in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace. Now, professionals can turn to this essential sourcebook for all the information and expert guidance needed to establish and manage a productive—and profitable—interior design firm.

Packed with savvy business and career advice, the new edition of Professional Practice for Interior Designers offers updated and expanded coverage of the full range of legal, financial, management, marketing, and administrative issues facing interior designers, firm principals, and managers. In clear, straightforward language, the book spells out practical, detailed guidelines on how to:

  • Develop and implement an effective business plan
  • Make winning sales and project presentations
  • Complete projects on schedule and within budget
  • Prepare contract documents and specifications
  • Automate the design office for peak-efficiency
  • Avoid potential legal problems
  • Manage finances and set up accounting systems
  • Negotiate successful contracts, price products, and set fees
  • Market and promote design services

In addition, you’ll find a wealth of valuable tips and techniques for taking the NCIDQ exam; defining career goals; choosing the right form of business to suit specific needs; working with manufacturers and suppliers; hiring, managing, and motivating employees; selecting outside consultants and advisors; and much more. Plus, scores of sample forms and documents that can be easily adapted for use by any firm are included, along with real-world examples that can save you from making critical business mistakes. This indispensable resource hands you all the tools you’ll need to create and manage a thriving interior design practice, as well as ensure your own professional success.

About the Author

Christine M. Piotrowski, ASID, IIDA, currently provides consulting services to interior designers on business practices from Phoenix, Arizona. She is a former professor of interior design at Northern Arizona University and has more than twenty-five years of commercial and residential design experience. She is the author of several books on interior design including the award-winning Becoming an Interior Designer and the coauthor of the recently released Second Edition of Designing Commercial Interiors (both from Wiley).


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